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About Us

Historic Skyline Views Wrapped in a Modern Environment.

Our skyline rooftops are unique, industrial and thoughtfully designed event spaces. Each of the venues are in newly renovated historical buildings right in the heart of the Crossroads district. The stunning view of downtown Kansas City makes our rooftops one of a kind. You are sure to have the experience of a lifetime.
  • Kyra West

    Co-owner and Director of Events
  • Heidi Alexander

    Co-owner and Office Administrator
Our Team

Skyline Rooftops

Hi! We are Kyra West, and Heidi Alexander. Two people who thrive on making your event successful, and one to remember. We know how much joy events bring people, and we love being a part of that.

Were excited to learn more about you and make your event as special as possible.

  • Grand Place - Coming Soon 1729 Grand -
  • Grand Place - Coming Soon 1729 Grand -
  • Grand Place - Coming Soon 1729 Grand -

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Skyline Rooftops by 3D development.


2100 Central Street
Suite #01H
Kansas City, Missouri 64108